The Ultimate Cleaning Schedule for the Week

As we all know, chores at home never wait and as we ignore them, they just keep piling up. A lot of people struggle with sticking to their schedules (if they have such ones). We have discussed this problem and given a few solutions in Cleaning tips and hacks for a successful cleaning routine when you don’t have much time. However, we felt like giving you a bit more and sharing this ready-to-follow weekly routine.
We are going to split the domestic cleaning chores around a house between the days of the week, give you tips on how to follow them efficiently and stay on track, as well as how to easily tackle each task.

Monday – Bathroom cleaning day

Cleaning your bathroom on Monday will set a tone for the whole week. Since bathrooms require more effort when cleaning, it is always good to get it over with. This is a way to clean them in a quick, yet efficient and thorough way. The secret here is that you do not have to clean your bathroom floors when performing your Monday task. This is because you have a separate day for all the floors and you can spare yourself some time.

  • Clear your counters and sinks. Declutter everything and throw away rubbish.
  • Clean your mirrors. Spray your microfiber cloth and wipe them well
  • Spray your sink, toilet and shower with a disinfecting cleaner
  • Use your favourite toilet cleaner and quickly scrub your toilet. Wipe it down
  • Collect all dirty towels, put them in the laundry basket and wash them on laundry day.
  • Put in new fresh towels and empty your rubbish bins – you are all done!

Tuesday – Dust cleaning day

Dust earlier in the week. Dusting should always be done before vacuuming, since you probably know all rooms must be done top to bottom. Avoid having a lot of things on your shelves/surfaces to make dusting easier. You can also change your air filters on that day (as often as it is recommended for your home).

  • Dust all surfaces. remove all items, wipe the whole shelf (or whatever they are on), wipe down each item and place them back in place. dust your tables and cupboards.
  • Work quickly and try to avoid distractions. Go through all rooms and areas.
  • Work in a top to bottom and left to right approach. Make sure you cover everything.

Wednesday – Vacuum day

Since your dusting day is on Tuesday, it only makes sense that you vacuum everything the day after. Guess what – this is today! Vacuum and mop all your floors. Do not forget the bathroom floors you left behind on Monday.

  • Always start at the top of your house (if you have more than one floor). Go to the farthest corner of your room and vacuum your way out of it. Do the upholstery too.
  • Do a thorough job, vacuum all corners don’t forget behind and under furniture as well.
  • Do not forget the bathroom floor that you left behind on monday. Now is the time!

Thursday – Wash all floors day

It is best to wash your floors right after you have vacuumed them the day before. Make sure you thoroughly clean all your hard floors. Even though you just vacuumed, you might as well check for any dusty areas that still need re-vacuuming. That way you will ensure perfectly clean floors. You do not need to wash your floors the old school way – with a bucket and on your hands and knees. You can use a mop regularly and go to more extensive cleaning once a month or so.

  • Remove all chairs, rugs and coffee tables that might be in the way
  • Start at the furthest corner, just like with the vacuuming and mop your way out
  • Wash ALL hard floors (bathroom, kitchen, entryways and living areas)

Friday – Catch Up day

Take this day to tackle any tasks you might have left behind during the week. You can also use it to do anything that you have to do but did not find the time to finish – declutter and reorganise your cupboards, vacuum and clean your upholstery. Declutter and wash your fridge, deep clean your oven, go shopping or do some gardening.

Saturday – Sheets and Towels

Wash the towels from your bathroom and kitchen that day. Take time to remove your sheets and put them in the washer as well. Include any blankets, pillows or duvet covers that also need washing. Take it easy that day, since weekends are for relaxing.

If you went shopping on Friday, you will have a full fridge, ready for you to enjoy during the weekend. Make sure you do not miss any cleaning during the week. If you follow this schedule, we guarantee you will see improvement in less than a month. Be consistent in performing all tasks and your hard work will soon repay you.

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