Restaurant Cleaning

restaurant cleaning1Our restaurant cleaning services are intended to maintain a good hygiene in restaurants. We offer our London-based customers the opportunity to make their places look inspiring, cosy and fresh. We can provide a good-looking and healthy environment in every public building with our proficient staff and highly-efficient cleaning products.

Over the years we managed to establish our company in the top list of cleaning providers in town. Up till now quite a lot of people have taken advantage of our services. And the truth is, they were all happy and satisfied with the service they received. This is because we work really hard to meet every need. Our goal is to be the best in what we do. For that reason, we try to delver first rate cleaning solutions, which are both individual and economical.

Presentation is essential to the success of every business, this one especially. One big issue for restaurant owners is hygiene. The kitchen is a place where food is prepared and highest standards of cleanliness are therefore expected. In order to attract customers, a restaurant should be bright and clean in the first place. It is not just food that matters. Hygiene is of greatest importance.

Using waiters to deal with cleaning tasks may not always bring satisfactory results. First, because your normal employees are not expert in cleaning; and second, because they may be too tired to clean after a full shift. The benefits of using our services are that we use the knowledge of our skilled cleaning operatives and a great deal of efficient, eco-friendly products. Furthermore, we can work without disturbing your normal everyday activities. You won’t have to deal with cleaning issues in the busiest hours of the day for we are going to take care about it all.

More professional cleaning solutions:

Our professional cleaners are aware of hygiene and food safety standards. They are well prepared to clean your restaurant from top to bottom, paying special attention to critical areas which germs love the most. Kitchens are always well taken care of. Our workers work with attentions to detail and precision. They are insured and have all the legislations required.

restaurant cleaning 2Our company has made a great progress since the start. We developed a lot of methods that we now use to their fullest potential. Our cleaning techniques are now improved and able to clean every surface in the most efficient way. Our prices are affordable. They fully correspond with your living standards. We work hard to provide unbeatable costs and we do this because we think cleaning services should be accessible to everyone. What’s more, we would like to attract even more customers, which is why we offer bonuses and additional features.

Our services include:

  • Floor cleaning (sweeping, mopping, polishing)
  • Entrance areas
  • Window cleaning
  • Bar cleaning
  • Table cleaning
  • Facades cleaning
  • Air-conditioner vents
  • Sinks, toilets, bathrooms
  • Emptying rubbish
  • Restocking consumables in washrooms

For your convenience, we offer flexible services and extended working hours. We also have a call centre. This is the place where all your questions will be heard and answered. Contact us for more information.

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