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    About Cleaners London

    We are a cleaning company offering professional cleaning services. Our priority is to establish a sustainable bond between us and a range of corporate customers. This makes us a trusted and preferable choice for a number of estate agents. We deal our services with a manner and a high understanding and always achieve results up to a hight standard. Our service is reachable, easy recognizable and professional. Depending on our Clients need we can be flexible and offer the best service option. For regular and long – term customers we have special offers which encourages them to search for our service every time when it is needed.

    • Whenever it is time for you to move out, a lot of responsibilities come up. Not only packing and moving, but also taking care of your former place. It is required that the apartment is returned to its owner in perfect condition.

    • Bathrooms are the part of the house that gets most noticeably dirty over time. The conditions in one’s bathroom are perfect for the development of mould, bacteria and other microbes. Along with the limescale and hard water stains, a badly maintained bathroom can appear quite dirty.

    • Carpets are one of the hardest things to clean around one’s house. They are technically a magnet for dust, dirt and grime which, when not managed on time, can build up and cause bad odour, health issues and dirty appearance.

    • Upholstery is a big part of everyones’ homes. It is, however, placed under daily use and damage. In no time, our favourite upholstered furniture starts looking dirty and dull, and frankly, there is not much one can do about it.

    • We have all heard about Spring Cleaning, haven't we? Being a deeper, more thorough kind of cleaning, it is focused on treating all areas and places that are not reached during our weekly/monthly cleaning. In order to maintain good hygiene in your home, you must perform this at least once a year.

    • Ovens are an irreplaceable item in one’s kitchen. Constantly used, they accumulate a large amount of dirt, grease and burnt food and liquids. It is not often that we pay attention to our ovens, which may result in bad smell, smoke and even fire.

    • Whenever renovations of any kind are done, the whole place suffers consequences. We understand that after the project is done, all you want to do is enjoy your new space but there is always the cleaning of all construction waste standing in between you two.

    • Clean windows can majorly benefit the appearance of a house. However, we do not pay enough attention to window cleaning and on top of all, reaching the outside of your windows can be scary and dangerous. We now offer you the perfect solution - our window cleaning service.

    • Kitchen areas are used on a daily basis and since all cooking and food maintenance happen there, they accumulate a lot of grease and dirt over time. A clean, hygienic kitchen is of crucial importance to one’s household. The cooking area, fridge, oven and countertop are places that require extra care when cleaning.

    • Offices are of no less importance than homes, since we spend as much, if not more time there. The fact that many people are collectively using the office space, makes it much easier for dirt and bacteria to occur and build up. We want to help you maintain the clean, healthy conditions at your place of business.

    • Our flat cleaning services includes eating and sleeping areas, bathroom, living room, entrance areas. As a result we always leave the place fresh, deodorised and sanitised.

    • Our services are intended to deal with domestic chores. If you think that there are hundreds of other more important tasks and duties than cleaning, here we are.


    Services Price Starting from:
    End Of Tenancy Cleaning £99
    Carpet, Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning £4
    Kitchen Cleaning £20
    Domestic Cleaning £20/h
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    About Us

    Our company has been on the market for many years now. Our priority has always been providing a high quality standard of life for all our customers. We managed to establish a sustainable bond between us and both residential and corporate clients. We always perform all our services in a professional manner and always achieve perfect results that fully satisfy all our clients.

    We worked hard to reach such high quality of service in the cleaning industry and we are proud to say we are one of the top cleaning companies in London. All services we provide are made to fit all our clients needs so we made them 100% flexible. Any specific task or requirement you might have, our employees will do for you. Trust us with the cleanliness of your home and we promise to not disappoint you. For all our long-term customers we have special offers and combination discounts. Do not hesitate and become one of our happy clients.

    Clients Testimonials

    • Your service is professional and this simply describes my impression. Dealing with customers every day is worth enough to don't need to spend hours in finding the right cleaning company!

      Lilly Morgan
    • We are trusted as a company and for us it is important to trust our partners. Since the first trial session we has with your company we got truly amazed in how really good you guys are.

      Reece Price
    • We are extremely happy with the work of this company because with them we witnessed clients gleam with satisfaction and cleaning turn into art.

      Harriet Davidson

    Reach us now at

    Phone Number: 020 3475 8344


    1. Do you vet your cleaners?

      Yes, all our employees are fully vetted and thorough background checks have been done on them, prior to their hiring. They are professionals with a lot of experience and you can 100% trust them with the chores in your house.

    2. Can I book a regular cleaning?

      Yes, all our services are available for weekly, fortnightly or monthly scheduling, as well as upon request. Do not hesitate and ask our office agents for more information.

    3. Do I have to be home when the cleaning is taking place?

      No, we have a supervisor on site who will make sure everything is done properly. We only ask for access to the premises.

    4. Do you have insurance?

      Yes! All employees and services provided by us are fully insured so you don’t have to worry about that.

    5. Are the products and detergents you use safe for children?

      Absolutely! All products we use are top of the shelf professional detergents. They are not only extremely efficient when treating dirt but also biodegradable, eco-friendly and absolutely safe for your children and pets.

    6. Do I have to provide any tools or equipment?

      No, our cleaners come fully equipped with everything needed for the particular task in hand. Prior to your booking our office agent will ask you some questions in order to understand the specifics of the job better. This way we make sure the cleaners will come with everything they might need for the job.

    7. What are the carpet cleaning methods that you use?

      Depending on the type of carpets that you have, we usually use steam cleaning or dry cleaning.

    8. How long does it take for my carpets to dry after steam cleaning?

      Depends on the materials of your carpet. Usually anywhere between 3 and 6 hours.

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