End of Tenancy Cleaning

Cleaners London is a trusted name in the cleaning sector. The number of our customers is constantly increasing because we deliver efficient, reliable and affordable end of tenancy cleaning services.

Our end of tenancy cleaning service is high in quality and low in price. Place your trust in us and we will help you collect the full amount of your check-out deposit. Needless to say, our housekeepers are true professionals who do everything in their power to leave our customers happy and satisfied with the outcome.

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    End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

    All we want to do is facilitate your life by taking care of this complicated cleaning procedure which is done due to all national letting agents requirements.

    In our company we rely on experienced team which is not only competent about cleaning issues but is also capable of achieving a perfection in this process. They perform their duties in a professional way with a lot of motivation so that the facility become bright and shiny. Call us now 020 3475 8344

    Prices start from £89

    Our end of tenancy cleaning is available seven days per week, including bank holidays and weekends.

    The special offer of 10% off is valid in May.

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Price Starting from:
    Studio Flat £99
    One Bedroom Flat £159
    Two Bedroom Flat £179
    Three Bedroom Flat £195
    One Bedroom House £163
    Two Bedroom House £183
    Three Bedroom House £203

    20% off from the Carpet Steam Cleaning when combined with an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

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    We use products that are preliminary tested and that have proven to be most effective against all kinds of dirt and stains. They are eco friendly and they are specifically suitable because they are safe for the health and do not pollute the air.

    The team is also supplied with any other instruments and use a variety of techniques and methods to make your place of living look appropriate and due to the requirements. We will also sanitize the bathroom facilities in the most proper way with effective disinfectants, which is an essential moment when we talk about hygiene.

    What is included in our End Of Tenancy Cleaning

    Bathroom/ Toilet
    • Full removal of mould, limescale, soap scum and hard water stains
    • Shine mirrors and glass surfaces
    • Disinfect toilets, basins, showers, bathtubs and bidets
    • Polish taps and sinks
    • Dust cabinets and other surfaces
    • Mop floors
    • Descale shower heads
    • Shine taps and sinks
    • Full removal of limescale, mould and stains
    • Degrease stoves
    • Clean hobs and extractors
    • Dust cabinets, counter tops, drawers, shelves and other surfaces
    • Throw any expired food and drinks
    • Vacuum carpets
    • Mop bare floors
    • Empty trash bins
    • Clean mirrors, windows and glass surfaces
    • Clean kitchen appliances such as toasters, microwaves, freezers, refrigerators
    Bedrooms and other living areas
    • Dust shelves, cabinets, pieces of furniture, picture frames, tops of doors, light switches, drawers, TV/PC screens and other surfaces
    • Wipe curtain rails, windowsills and baseboards
    • Vacuum carpets, curtains and blinds
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Mop bare floors
    • Shine mirrors, windows and glass surfaces
    • Clean woodwork
    • Clean radiators, plugs and other small objects

    Clients Testimonials

    • Great service on a great price!

    • Very happy with the job your cleaner done, all rooms at home were perfectly cleaned.

    Tenancy Cleaning Services in London

    end of tenancy cleaning 2 If the thought of deposit deduction keeps rankling you, let us ease the burden on you. Armed with experience and dedication, our housekeepers will take the tedious chores off your hands. They have been working in the field of end of tenancy cleaning for many years to know what real estate agents and landlords’ requirements are.
    We manufacture ourselves with professional-grade cleaning equipment which is powerful enough to eliminate stains and spots of any origin. Make your appointment with us and we will clean the property exactly to your liking. We are worth trusting and we will prove it to you!

    • Our end of tenancy cleaning service comes at prices considerate for your wallet.
    • The cleaners who perform the end of tenancy cleaning are dedicated, experienced and hard-working. For the peace of your mind, they are background-checked, insured and bonded as well.
    • We invest in advanced cleaning products and tools which are included in the total sum of the service. Our cleaning equipment is tried and tested so you can take comfort in knowing that it is safe to use. The products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
    • Our end of tenancy cleaning is a fully guaranteed service. It comes with 48-hour guarantee which means that if you are not satisfied with the end results, you need to inform us no later than 48 hours after the completion of the job. In such case, we provide a free re-clean.
    • We are available seven days a week including bank holidays and weekends.

    Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience and we will give the accommodation an entirely different feel. You can call us on the number given any day of the week.

    More services we offer:

    • General house cleaning – Our company provides professional general house cleaning at budget-friendly rates. The cleaning sessions are performed by expert technicians who have many years of hands-on experience in the field. They are background-checked, insured and bonded. Our service includes deep clean of kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and other living areas. The cleaning sessions are very detailed and very thorough, designed to cover every bit of the property.
    • Carpet cleaning – Our company has been specialising in the professional carpet cleaning services for many years now. Each carpet cleaning session is done by expert technicians who are experienced and properly trained. They clean carpets through the hot water extraction method thanks to which they can eradicate stains, germs, bacteria, allergens and other harmful contaminants.
    • Deep cleaning – Delivering professional deep cleaning services is what our company is best at. Our deep cleaning sessions are specially designed to cover every room and area of a home. Every detail is given the attention it needs. The cleaning is performed by fully trained housekeepers who have access to super advanced products and tools.
    • Flat cleaning – Our company offers professional flat cleaning services at super economical rates. We have been cleaning flats for many years now which is why our cleaning sessions are done with utmost care through effective methods. Everything is deep cleaned from top to bottom, including behind and under furniture, appliances, cabinets, worktops, carpets and more.
    • Oven cleaning – If you are looking for professional oven cleaning, we can help you. Our oven cleaning sessions are performed by expert technicians who make use of super professional, environmentally-friendly products. Our technicians clean ovens from inside and out, including hobs, walls, handle, glass door. Stains, burnt-on grease and food leftovers are completely removed.
    • Kitchen cleaning – Our company has been offering professional kitchen cleaning services for many years. Each cleaning session is delivered by an expert technician who deep cleans cabinets, drawers, floors, sinks, taps, windows, appliances, worktops and more. We provide our cleaners with advanced equipment and tools which are powerful against all types of stains and grime. The cleaning is done in a quick manner.
    • Moving out cleaning – Our company offers many cleaning services, including moving out cleaning. When the tenancy is due to end, our cleaners can clean the property to a high standard. They will come fully equipped with ultramodern equipment to deep clean kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and more. They will remove cobwebs, stains, accumulated grime, dust and other impurities. The cleaning session is extremely detailed.

    Trust our company in order to feel the difference in end of tenancy cleaning and be absolutely content with this cleaning service provided. If you feel that you can manage on your own with other procedures this one requires a special and professional treatment which you could find only in our company.

    If you are interested in booking any of our professional cleaning services, please do not hesitate to contact us right away. We will provide you with the information you need to know. Let us make your life easier and your home – cleaner!

    Thank you for submitting your requestA representative will be in touch with you within 10 minutes!