Terms and Conditions


When estimating the cost over the phone, we charge using standard room sizes. Cleaners London reserves the right to make changes in this term, in case the Client changes their demands or in case we decide upon the property and find it necessary.

Included Services

We offer guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning service. The guarantee applies up to 48 hours after the service has been carried out. In case you are not pleased with the cleaning of the property or the quality does not meet your landlord’s requirements, we will send one of our professional cleaning teams in order to rectify the issues.


The Client has to make a payment upon the arrival of the cleaner, unless a written agreement with Cleaners London is made in advance. Payment has to be cash, as the amount has to be given to the cleaner upon arrival.

In case the Client and Cleaners London have agreed on making cashless payment, this has to be done no later than one day before the arranged cleaning time. Cleaners London has the right to cancel a visit if the bank transfer or card information is not received in advance.


In case the Client is willing to cancel an appointment, a notice has to be given no later than a day before the appointment. In this case there are no cancellation fees required.

Cleaners London reserves the right to reject cleaning the property, in case it puts the health of our employees at risk. We also reserve the right to cancel an appointment in case of an accident or other unexpected circumstances have overtaken the team of cleaners, assigned for the appointment.


Once the cleaning of the property has been accomplished, no refunds can be requested. In case the Client is not pleased with the service, a written notice has to be sent to Cleaners London within 24 hours after the completion of the cleaning work. In case of a complaint, a thorough investigation process will be carried out and sorted out to the absolute satisfaction of the Client.

Before having a third party to provide the property with cleaning services, the Client has to allow Cleaners London to inspect any area or item, the cleaning of which hasn’t been satisfactory to the Client.

Our employees are always careful not to break items. However, such accidents are possible. In case of a break, we replace the item of possible. We request that the Client stores away irreplaceable items before the cleaning process has started.

Cleaners London reserves the right to require access to the property within a day after the claim in order to take care of the issue. We do not take the responsibility for any damages that existed before the appointment. We are also not responsible for old stains and burns that can’t be removed perfectly by our cleaners.

We will make sure we do all we can to provide your property with high-quality cleaning. However, heavily stained or damaged items and areas cannot be expected to be in ideal conditions after the cleaning process.

We require the Client to defrost their freezers before the appointment, otherwise cleaning can’t be carried out.
Gardening services do not include collecting of waste.

Our end of tenancy cleaning services do not guarantee ideal results in case furniture is still present at the time of the appointment.


Running water and electricity have to be provided by the Client at the certain location where cleaning will be carried out. The lack of water and electricity leads to a non-refundable fee of £60.

Access to the property is required. In case the Client provides with keys to the property, keys have to lock and unlock all doors without effort. Otherwise, we charge a non-refundable fee of £60.

Regular Cleaning Service

The Client should pay cash to our employee before every appointment.

In case customers insist on having a meeting with the cleaner, we charge £10 for time and travel expenses.

The Client has to provide our cleaners with all necessary cleaning products and equipment.

Regular cleaning services are carried out at the same time and day every week. Changes in the time and day are not possible. Rescheduling of regular services is not an option.

Cancellation of an appointment should be done no later than 24 hours in advance. If the Client doesn’t contact us in advance, we charge a fee equivalent to the full amount of the service.

Our regular services are take 2 hours, when ordered on a weekly basis, and 3 hours – on a fortnightly basis.

Access to the property at the time of the appointment has to be provided by the Client.

Guaranteed Services

Please, note what is included with our End of Tenancy Cleaning:

  1. All the necessary equipment and detergents will be provided.
  2. The price is all tax inclusive. No additional sub­charges will be applied.
  3. We guarantee for the service for 48 hours.

Please, see below a list of what will be included in the clean:


  • Remove all grease and grime where applicable
  • Clean inside/outside all kitchen cupboards, drawers, washing machine and dishwasher
  • Clean sink and taps
  • Clean inside/outside your microwave, oven, fridge/freezer
  • Clean and wipe all kitchen surfaces
  • Clean and mop floor

Bathroom and Toilet

  • Clean mirrors and windows
  • Scrub and sanitize bathroom floors
  • Scrub and disinfect sanitary ware
  • Clean bath, sink, showers and tiles

Bedroom and Living areas

  • Clean and polish all door frames and window ledges, clean all skirting boards and radiators
  • Vacuum all carpets and mop hardwood floors
  • Clean and dust all furniture, mirrors, pictures
  • Windows from the inside

Please, have a look of what our Carpet Cleaning service includes:

  • Moving of furniture and other items obstructing our ability to give an optimal clean (within reason)
  • Pre treating of any stains, dirty patches, and high traffic areas
  • Deep Steam cleaning
  • De­odourising of cleaned areas

All of our machines are top of the line 400psi steam and hot water extraction machines which would spray a steam containing a shampoo like chemical into the carpet and then extract approximately 95% of the moisture from the carpet, following this the carpets should take about 2­-3 hours to dry (depending on pile thickness).

Please, be advised that steam cleaning is very efficient and gives wonderful results on fabrics. However, for stains and spots that are old, or previously treated by the client, we can give no guarantee for their total removal.

Please, note that when arriving on site we keep the right to amend the price if the description given differs from the actual size and condition of the property.

Please note that if the property is in a condition which would not allow an effective cleaning, we do reserve the right to amend / or cancel the booking on the day of the service with no warning.

In order to cover an effective cleaning we would need the following requirements covered:

Freezers must be defrosted in advance. As the timescales for defrosting will not enable us to thoroughly clean it. We need a warm water and electricity access.

We cannot guarantee our End of Tenancy Cleaning service when personal belongings or people are still present in the property at the time of the cleaning.

Please, be advised that cleaning of the walls it is not part of the Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning service.

Please note that Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning is not a subject for the re cleaning session, due to the fact that the Hot Water Extraction Technique is considered to reach best possible results depending on the carpet / upholstery condition with the first clean.

Should you need to amend your booking in any way, or if you have any further questions, please contact us at your earliest convenience on one of the numbers provided on our contact page.

Minimum Charges

There are minimum charges that apply for certain services. Check them:

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning – minimum of 55 GBP

One Off Cleaning – minimum of 60 GBP and 3 hours

Gardening – minimum of 65 GBP

Discounts are available for services that are charged above the minimum. Discounts do not apply for services led on an hourly basis.

Cleaners London is not responsible for cancellations caused by external circumstances that do not depend on the company.

Refund claims are not accepted once the cleaning services has been completed.


By using our services you agree to be contacted with our promotional offers via mail or phone.

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