The Ultimate Cleaning Schedule for the Week

As we all know, chores at home never wait and as we ignore them, they just keep piling up. A lot of people struggle with sticking to their schedules (if they have such ones). We have discussed this problem and given a few solutions in Cleaning tips and hacks for a successful cleaning routine when you don’t have much time. However, we felt like giving you a bit more and sharing this ready-to-follow weekly routine. Continue reading “The Ultimate Cleaning Schedule for the Week”

How to properly clean and take care of stove grates

When cleaning around the house, you should know that there are certain areas that you should pay more attention to. One of those areas is the kitchen, and yes, it is no one’s  favourite place for cleaning but let’s be honest, what is?  Kitchens are constantly used and abused. Food is prepared and eaten there and  spills of grease happen all the time. Kitchen cleaning can be very annoying, especially if not done regularly.When grease and food build up, you will need a lot of time and effort to properly clean them. An important part of the kitchen is the stove – probably the most used place in the whole area. Here is some information about stove grates, how to clean them and how to properly maintain their good condition. Continue reading “How to properly clean and take care of stove grates”

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