Domestic Cleaning Services

Every house needs to be kept clean and sanitised for the sake of all dwellers. Our company has been occupied with domestic cleaning for quite long.

Our domestic cleaning services are expedite and cost-effective. We can help you take control of your house quickly and effortlessly.

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    We are providing professional domestic cleaning services!

    Our services are intended to deal with domestic chores. If you think that there are hundreds of other more important tasks and duties than cleaning, here we are.

    If you simply don’t like scrubbing and wiping and mopping, then you need us. Sick and tired of dusting and vacuuming? Don’t worry about it. Just call 020 3475 8344.

    Clients Testimonials

    • Your domestic cleaners are great!

    • I’m very happy having your cleaners, all the house was perfectly cleaned.

    Domestic Cleaning from Cleaners London

    Our cleaning sessions include a great deal of tasks that will leave your place in perfect condition. We can do a variety of things for your house, from making the beds to cleaning the oven.

    Generally, we mop the floors; vacuum all the rooms; remove dust and stains; wipe down cupboards and other surfaces; clean the toilet bowl, sinks and bath tub; wash the windows; remove cobwebs; check out behind and under sofas; clean carpets, etc.

    As a whole, we do what we are told to. For example, if you want us to iron your clothes, we will. We can also run the washing machine or load the dishwasher.

    Domestic Cleaning Services Price Starting from:
    Regular Cleaning £20/h
    Weekly Cleaning £20/h
    Monthly Cleaning £20/h
    One Off Cleaning £22/h

    Deep Cleaners London

    domestic cleaningOur deep cleaning services are quite similar to our regular cleaning, only they are more detailed and precise. Our qualified technicians can clean every available area of the house, paying special attention to hard-to-reach places and areas that don’t usually receive any cleaning at all.

    The cleaning process may take five to six hours. Deep cleaning is recommended in cases where the house is very dirty. Just like carpet cleaning, we advise you give a deep clean of your place once or twice a year.

    For your convenience, we are available everyday. You can contact us by phone to book a service or to get more information about our cleaning agency. If you need professional domestic cleaning, call us – 020 3475 8344. We will get the job done the right way.

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