How to properly clean white plastic garden furniture.

Whenever you are looking for a cost effective, practical and easy to maintain garden furniture, get some resin outdoor chairs and tables. They are affordable, sustainable and rather convenient to use. Most plastic furniture is 100% recycled and what is more, it is stackable and easy to store.

If you have such furniture, you probably know how lightweight it is and how easy it is to just pull them out on a sunny day. However, you probably also know how easily they become dirty and dull. When exposed to the elements, plastic chairs suffer sun damage, mold and mildew growth and all kinds of hard to remove dirt. In order to keep them nice and clean looking, you must clean them regularly. That is especially if your plastic garden furniture is white. In this article, we will discuss just that – How to clean white plastic furniture when it is looking dull and dirty.

Grass, mud, tree sap, bird droppings and food and drink spills are just a few of the things that cause your beautiful white furniture to look nasty. Usually, a good cleaning at the beginning of the season will be enough to keep your furniture bright and nice looking.Especially if it is done by gardening professionals or by yourself but always make sure to give them a good cleaning at the end of the season before you store them.
That might be enough to generally keep your plastic garden furniture neat. However, if your chairs and tables are outside at all times, they might get dirty quite frequently. Whenever you find your garden furniture dirty and staked, follow this cleaning method and bring them back to their former glory. Here is a list of the things you will need in order to properly clean those plastic furnishings.

  • bucket
  • baking soda
  • garden hose
  • dishwashing liquid
  • sponge
  • all-purpose cleaner
  • soft-bristled nylon
  • brush oxygen bleach
  • microfiber cloths
  • distilled white vinegar
  • rubber gloves
  • automotive paste wax
  • plastic sheet
  • spray bottle


    1. Set up a cleaning area

It is best to clean your chairs outside, on ground that will not dirty easily. If you have a big garden, you can do that in a corner. If you have no concrete or convenient flooring for the cleaning, use a plastic sheet and put it under the furniture.

    2. Mix a cleaning solution

There are a few cleaning solutions that are suitable for white plastic chairs and tables ( depending on their condition). If there is mould and mildew on your garden furniture, you should treat it prior to cleaning. Mix a solution of 25% water and 75% distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. Apply it all over your furniture and let it sit for about 15 minutes before you start properly cleaning.

Cleaning solutions:

  • 4 liters of water and ¼ cup dish soap
  • 4 liters of water and ½ cup of baking soda
  • 4 liters of water and ¼ cup of all-purpose cleaner

3. Use a sponge or a soft-bristled nylon brush.

    Always wash top to bottom. if there is some stubborn dirt, sprinkle a bit of baking soda on your furniture. It will work as a mild abrasive and help you clean more efficiently. After you are done scrubbing, rinse your plastic furniture with the garden hose. Rinse until clear water starts running.

    N.B. Do not use any harsh abrasives when cleaning plastic chairs/tables. This might cause scratches and lead to dirt getting stuck in the groves.

      4.Mix an oxygen Bleach solution for stained and dirty looking chairs.

    If your chairs look dingy and stained, an oxygen bleach solution is exactly what you need. Oxy bleach is a slow-acting bleaching agent that will brighten your white plastic furniture. This bleach should not be confused with chlorine bleach. Oxygen bleach is safe, environmentally friendly and not as toxic.
    Mix 4 liters of lukewarm water with ½-1 cup of powdered oxygen bleach. If your furniture is extremely dirty you can change the ratio and add more bleach.

      5.Apply the oxy bleach solution

    Use a sponge or a soft-bristled nylon. Brush and apply the oxy bleach all over your chairs or table. Use some elbow grease if there is dirt, particularly hard to remove.
    Let the solution sit for at last 15-20 minutes. Rest assured that even if you have it on for longer, it will not harm your furniture.

      6. Rinse

    Rinse the furniture well. Let it air-dry or use a microfiber cloth in order to wipe away some of the excess water. If there are still some stains left, or there are areas of the furniture that still look dull – repeat the process.

    Tips on how to keep white plastic furniture clean during the whole season.

    • Once you clean your chairs, keep them looking that good for longer. Apply a thin layer of automotive paste wax. Use a soft cloth or a sponge to apply the wax on the chair. Buff with a dry cloth. This wax will help dirt and stains simply slide off the plastic.
    • Do not leave the chairs under trees or bushes, especially if they shed leaves or blossoms.
    • Store your chairs in a dry place, protected indoors, especially in the winter season. Cover them when you are not using them and make sure they don’t sit in the sun for too long.
    • Use a garden umbrella in order to keep your plastic garden furniture in the shade.
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