How to prevent fabric colour bleeding and fading?

Unfortunately, clothes do not always hold colour so well. Whenever washed, they might bleed colour or fade. There are several reasons for that and even though it seems impossible to prevent, it is not. Let’s look at the difference between those terms and how to prevent that from happening.

Crocking – That is the colour transfer that occurs when fabric rubs against something (furniture, shoes or skin). This happens when the dye is not properly adhered to the fabric.

Colour Bleed – Occurs when the fabric gets wet and dye leaches out of the fibres. This usually happens in the washing machine and can result in colour transfer between items.

Colour fade – When the fabric has lost most of its dye and now lacks vibrancy or depth. Continue reading “How to prevent fabric colour bleeding and fading?”

How to properly clean white plastic garden furniture.

Whenever you are looking for a cost effective, practical and easy to maintain garden furniture, get some resin outdoor chairs and tables. They are affordable, sustainable and rather convenient to use. Most plastic furniture is 100% recycled and what is more, it is stackable and easy to store.

If you have such furniture, you probably know how lightweight it is and how easy it is to just pull them out on a sunny day. However, you probably also know how easily they become dirty and dull. When exposed to the elements, plastic chairs suffer sun damage, mold and mildew growth and all kinds of hard to remove dirt. In order to keep them nice and clean looking, you must clean them regularly. That is especially if your plastic garden furniture is white. In this article, we will discuss just that – How to clean white plastic furniture when it is looking dull and dirty.
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How to clean smelly drains?

Kitchen drains sometimes smell bad. That is completely normal and it is due to the grease that builds up in there, traps food residue, produces bacteria and attracts fruit flies and other pests. A similar buildup occurs in the bathroom but it is caused by soap, toothpaste and body oils collecting hair and dead skin cells. Whenever you start smelling your drain, it probably means that a clog is starting to develop down there. We will show you some methods that you can use in which situations. They will help you remove the clog and clean your drain
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Things you are probably overcleaning at home

Who doesn’t want to know how to cut down on cleaning time, yet still maintain a tidy, neat and hygienic home? We believe that you might be overcleaning some things in your home that you don’t necessarily need to  wash as often as you do. So keep cleaning and find out which are the things that will spare you time and effort.
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How to properly clean and take care of stove grates

When cleaning around the house, you should know that there are certain areas that you should pay more attention to. One of those areas is the kitchen, and yes, it is no one’s  favourite place for cleaning but let’s be honest, what is?  Kitchens are constantly used and abused. Food is prepared and eaten there and  spills of grease happen all the time. Kitchen cleaning can be very annoying, especially if not done regularly.When grease and food build up, you will need a lot of time and effort to properly clean them. An important part of the kitchen is the stove – probably the most used place in the whole area. Here is some information about stove grates, how to clean them and how to properly maintain their good condition. Continue reading “How to properly clean and take care of stove grates”

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